Bioactive and-ferrimagnetic glass ceramics

Title: Bioactive and ferrimagnetic glass-ceramics

Description: This research consists of synthesis, characterization and testing of innovative bioactive and magnetic glass-ceramics containing submicrometric- or nanometric-sized magnetic crystals into a biocompatible glass matrix, which can be used for magnetic induction hyperthermia. By soaking into a Simulated Body Fluid the nucleation and crystallization of an hydroxyapatite (HA) layer can be observed (Bioactivity). When subjected to an alternating magnetic field, these materials are able to produce heat and destroy selectively cancer cells. The magnetic phase is produced glass-ceramic synthesis by melt and quenching process. The magnetic crystals are homogeneously distributed into the glass matrix. These materials could be obtained as bulk or as powder after grinding. By a suitable functionalization process, their surface becomes biologically active and specific macromolecules (antitumoral drugs, antibodies, etc.) can be coupled for magnetic and immunological drug delivery. Some antineoplastic agents have been recently anchored to the surface of these glass-ceramics, using direct bonding surface functionalization techniques. Under an alternating magnetic field these functionally modified magnetic materials have a double action: to generate heat (hyperthermia therapy) and to release the antitumoral drug directly at the tumour site (chemotherapy), improving the efficiency of the cancer treatment method. Moreover, the glass-ceramic composition can be modified to dope this material with silver and thus confer antibacterial properties.


MC 45 950 1h SBF 6 settim sept 2002 zoom HAp'

Nucleation and crystallization of an hydroxyapatite (HA) layer on the bioactive magnetic glass-ceramic


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Regional project 2005-2006: biomateriali per terapie non invasive nel trattamento in ipertermia dei tumori