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Clean Room - Class 1000
- Wet etching
Davide Janner
Cutting machines - ATM Brillant T220,
- Buehler IsoMet

Milena Salvo

Sara Ferraris

Fibre Drawing

Drawing of soft glass fibres and optical fibres

Drawing Temperatures up to 1000 °C
- Typical drawing speed: 4 to 50 m/min
- Diameter fluctuations: ± 3 %
- Preform size requirements: max 15 mm diameter, max 100 mm length

Davide Janner
Heating microscope - Hesse Instruments EM 301 Federico Smeacetto
High temperature furnaces Tubular Furnaces:
- Nabertherm (1600°C)
- Carbolite(1200°C)
Muffle Furnaces:
- BICASA(1500°C) tubular furnaces (1100°C, inert atmosphere)
- Nabetherm & Linn Electronic muffle furnaces (1800°C)
- Carbolite CWF 1200 muffle furnace (1200°C) 
- Carbolite HTF1800 (1800 °C) 
- CARBOLITE CWF1300 (1300°C)
- Manfredi OVMAT2009 muffle furnace (1100°C) 
- BICASA muffle furnace (1450°C)
Sara Ferraris
Hot press - Hot-Press PRO.BA (1800°C, 40 tons) vacuum/Ar Valentina Casalegno
Mechanical tests - Young's modulus via resonance frequency test (Grindosonic) (*)
- Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell Hardness, Shore D, ASTM D2240 (*)
- Mechanical test machine (SINTEC D/10) (*)
Milena Salvo
Thermal poling set up -Thermal poling of materials Sergio Perero
Climatic chambers and thermal shock tests

- Heraeus™ HC 0020

- Votsch™ VT 4020

- Heraeus™ HT 7012S2

Sergio Perero
Polishing machines - Struer LaboPol-2
- Hi-Tech Europe AP311
Milena Salvo
Porosimeter - Porosimeter 2000 FISONS 
- Macropores Unit 120 FISONS
Enrica Vernè
Profilometry Taylor Hobson Intra Touch 3D Sergio Perero
Superficial Analysis Contact Angle (Kruss) Marco Sangermano
Refractometer Abbe Refractometer – Refractive index measurement by prism coupling method (Metricon M2010) at five different wavelengths: 633, 800, 1060, 1320, 1533 nm. Davide Janner

- UV/Vis-NIR Cary 500 Varian Absorption spectroscopy

- Fluorescence spectroscopy resolved in frequency and time in the wavelength range between 400 and 5000 nm: pump wavelengths available 785, 793, 915, 976 nm.

- Shimadzu UV- Visible spectrophotometer 2600-2700 + integrating sphere

- X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS, Phi 5000 Versa ProbeTM) *

- FTIR Thermo-Nicolet (with ATR accessory)

Davide Janner

Cristina Multari

Sputtering and Surface Treatment

- Magnetron (RF, DC, pulsed DC) confocal three target (3 inches) co-sputtering with: atmosphere control (three gasses mixture) plasma etching reactive deposition substrate heating and cooling substrate biasing. 
- Two target magnetron (RF, DC, pulsed DC) co–sputtering (6 inches and 1 inches) with atmosphere control (three gasses mixture) 

- Atmospheric Plasma (PlasmaTEC-X TANTEC)

- Vacuum Etching Plasma (TUCANO)

- Corona Plasma (HF-SpotTEC TANTEC)

Sergio Perero
Temperature calibration oven EC-6 (Dott. Ing. Scandura and C SpA) Davide Janner
Thermal analysis

- DMA7 Perkin Elmer (max temp.1000°C) 
- DTANetsch (max temp. 1500°C) 
- TG-SDTA Mettler Toledo (max temp. 1400°C) 
- Dilatometer Netsch (max temp.1550°C)

- STA (TGA-DSC) Netsch, (max temp.1600°C)

Federico Smeacetto
Milena Salvo
Microscopic analysis

- Optical microscopy

- Benchtop Scanning electron microscopy (JEOL) equipped with EDS analyzer 
- Scanning electron microscopy (SEM FEI inspect) equipped with EDS analyzer *
- FE-SEM MERLIN ZEISS equipped EDS analyzer *

Valentina Casalegno

Marta Miola

Electrophoretic deposition - Electrophoresis BOCHEM LABOR BEDARF Federico Smeacetto
Crystalline phase analysis - X'Pert Philips diffractometer with hot stage *
- Small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS- Philips instrument) *
- Equipment for X-ray diffrattometry Rigaku for metallic sample measurements.*
- Microdiffractometer Rigaku for measurements on micrometric areas (from 800 to 10 microns); high resolution instrument (4800 x 2400); output: 2D X-Ray pattern*

Elham Sharifikolouei

Fabiana D’Isanto

Facilities for biological samples treatment

- Laminar flow biological cabinet FASTER CYTOSAFE 2000N modified with filters for chemical reagents. (M-MEDICAL)
- Thermostatic bath with adjustable shaking speed (Julabo SW23) 
- Autoclave (ASAL mod. 760) 
- Welding machine for sterilization bags (DNT/HW, Falc Instruments s.r.l.) - Refrigerator (T=4°C) with freezer (T=-20°C) (Joint Lab mod. DO4477)

- Orbital shaker KS 4000i control, IKA®

- Centrifuge (Z326- HERMLE)

- Diode Laser 808 nm

Enrica Vernè
Fluorescence spectroscopy equipment - MM and SM Laser diodes for sample and fibre optical excitation at the following emission wavelengths: 785, 795, 808, 976 nm with powers.
- iHR320 Horiba JobinYvon Spectrometer
- Lock-in amplifier, chopper, signal generators, Agilent oscilloscope, mounts and optical benches for bulk glass and optical fibre handling and positioning
Davide Janner
Prism coupling Metricon 2010 prism coupling method with measuring wavelengths of 633, 800, 1060, 1320 and 1533 nm Davide Janner
Mass Spectrometry - ICP - MS (ICAP Q ICP-MS) (*) Sara Ferraris
Vacuum induction melting - NEUTRODYN EASYTI, EGMA 10 FELMI
- Induction casting machine up to 2000° C in inert atmosphere
Valentina Casalegno
Shear strength tests Torsion, lap-sher tests Monica Ferraris
Low temperature ovens BINDER, HERAEUS Stefano De la Pierre
Sonic cleaning BICASA Marta Miola
Milling, mixing and sieving equipment GIULIANI, ECOSCIENTIFICA, ASAL FRITSCH planetary mono mill (Pulverisette 0, Pulverisette 2, Pulverisette 6 classic line)
- Automatic Siever Octagon 200
Francesco Baino
Precision balances OHAUS, ADAM Equipment, ORMA BCA 510s Sara Ferraris
Cold Press Autopress t-40 GRASEBY SPECAC, Autopress P400ir CAGIMBRA SAS Sergio Pereiro
Electrokinetic Analyzer - Zeta Potential of bulk Solid Samples

SurPASS - Anton PAAR

Zeta potential determination based on the measurement of streaming potential and streaming current

Silvia Spriano

Sara Ferraris

Surface area of materials


Instrument for the assessment of the specific surface area of materials though gas adsorption-desorption*

Enrica Vernè

Francesco Baino

UV-Lamps - Dynamic UV-LAMP (fusion)
- Static UV-LAMP (Dymax)
- UV-LAMP With optical fiber
Marco Sangermano
Facilities for antibacterial test (non-pathogen microorganism) - Incubator ICN 35 Plus (Argo Lab)
- Refrigerator MediLine (Liebherr)
- Bacterial Bioaerosol generator ATM 220 (TOPAS)
- McFarland Densitometer DEN 1 Biosan
- Autoclave Steristeam 2 (Savatec Strumenti Scientifici)
Cristina Balagna

* Department equipment available to the group



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