Multifunctional magnetic nanoparticles for health applications

Title: Multifunctional magnetic nanoparticles for health applications


This activity concerns the synthesis and characterization of inorganic magnetic nanoparticles composed by a central core of nanosized magnetite crystals, eventually coated with a silica shell or a silica-based vitreous matrix, functionalized with antineoplastic drugs, fatty acid, lentivirus or antibody and decorated with plasmonic or antibacterial nanoparticles (e.g. gold or silver nanoparticles). The magnetic nanoparticles can be obtained by colloidal synthesis and due to their amorphous matrix, the external surface can be easily activated, by exposing the -SiOH functional groups. the presence of -SiOH group on their surface can be successfully used to graft biomolecules by direct bonding.
These nanoparticles can be proposed for the diagnosis and the therapy of the tumors by means of combined approaches, such as hyperthermic treatment, phototherapy, drug delivery, gene therapy and imaging.



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