Bioresorbable optical fibers for medicine and sensing

Several biomedical applications require the use of optical fibers, since they are minimally invasive, highly flexible, immune to electromagnetic radiation and able to guide light both for therapeutic and sensing purposes. Traditional fibers include silica based materials thanks to its outstanding performance and biocompatibility.

We develop phosphate optical fibers with the following properties [1]:

  • Optically transparent (extended to UV) and biocompatible

  • Biodegradable and soluble in biological fluids (bio-resorbable)

  • Suitable for fiber drawing


Contact: Daniel Milanese ( ; Davide Janner (; Diego Pugliese; Edoardo Ceci-Ginistrelli; Nadia G. Boetti.

[1] Ceci-Ginistrelli E., Pugliese D., Boetti N. G., Novajra G., Ambrosone A., Lousteau J., Vitale-Brovarone C., Abrate S., and Milanese D., (2016) Opt. Mater. Express, 6, 2040-2051.