Ceramic protective coatings for solid oxide cells interconnects in energy applications

Title Ceramic protective coatings for solid oxide cells interconnects in energy applications

Description Cr-containing stainless steels are widely used as metallic interconnects for solid oxide cells. Volatile Cr-containing species, which originate from the oxide formed on steel, can poison the cathode material and subsequently cause degradation in the SOC stack. The application of a ceramic protective coating on the steel surface has been proven as a practical and effective method to reduce corrosion rates and inhibit Cr volatilization and cathode poisoning. MnCo based spinel coatings are deposited on steel interconnect substrates by cathodic electrophoretic deposition (EPD); the effect of sintering T and atmosphere, the possibility of MnCo spinel doping and Area Specific Resistance are investigated and discussed.

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Figure: Cross section SEM image (A) and EDS Cr-Mn-Co-Fe-O elemental maps (B) with a EDS line scan (C) of the electrophoretically deposited sample after 5000 h in SOC relevant conditions @ 800°C

Figure: EPD experimental apparatus (on the left) and an as-coated sample (on the right)

keywords solid oxide cells, coating, EPD, ceramics for energy

Contact(s): Federico Smeacetto federico.smeacetto@polito.it, Milena Salvo, Antonio G. Sabato, Hassan Javed

Recent reference(s)

Molin, S., Sabato, A.G., Bindi, M., Leone, P., Cempura, G., Salvo, M., Cabanas Polo, S., Boccaccini, A.R., Smeacetto, F. Microstructural and electrical characterization of Mn-Co spinel protective coatings for solid oxide cell interconnects (2017) Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 37 (15), pp. 4781-4791. DOI: 10.1016/j.jeurceramsoc.2017.07.011



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