Materials for the “Circular Economy”.

We have been vitrifying Municipal Solid Waste Incinerators (MSWI) bottom ash, fly ash and ash coming from other combustion plants (e.g. biomass combustion plants) for 20 years.

Vitrification make them inert and suitable for many applications such as: tiles, glass fibers, concretes, bituminous conglomerates, porous insulating materials, etc..

Leaching test according to national standard are routinely done to guarantee materials suitability.


Vitrification, waste, municipal solid waste incinerator, fly ash, bottom ash, tiles, concrete, glass. Foamglass, bitumen

Contact(s) Monica Ferraris (; Milena Salvo (

Patent: ITTO20130151: VECTER: Structural insulating system for buildings, obtained by waste (patent) (leaflet)


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