RiCCo: Reuse of biomass combustion ash

RiCCo: Reuse of biomass combustion ash

RiCCo ”Riutilizzo ceneri provenienti dalla combustione di biomassa” project was supported by the Italian Agriculture Ministry (2010-2013)

In Italy, biomass ash (CER 100103) are generally disposed in landfills with a cost of 150-200€/ton. The aim of the project was the study of biomass combustion ash reuse in construction materials.

The ashes used in this study were collected from different power plants in Italy and Sweden. They are by-products of the combustion of several different biomasses: woodchips, shells, rice husk, RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel), straw, barks and sludge.

Figure 1: Ashes from the combustion of different biomass combustibles: woodchips (a), shells (b), rice husk (c)

Figure 2: Glass obtained from vitrification of biomass ash

Contact person: milena.salvo@polito.it


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