Optical fiber lasers and amplifiers


Optical fiber lasers and amplifiers


We develop demonstrators of lasers and amplifiers based on our tellurite and phosphate optical fibers.

A) Rare earth doped fibre lasers

We carry out research on Yb, Er and Tm-doped fiber lasers with the aim of optimizing glass compositions and optical fiber configuration to maximize laser performance in terms of output power and slope efficiency.

B) Optical fibre amplifiers

We carry out gain tests on our prepared optical fibers for telecom and power amplifier stages of MOPA lasers systems for remote sensing. In the case of telecom applications, a laser diode provides the pump power for the Er3+ doped fibre, allowing it to amplify light in the third communication window (λ ~ 1.5 µm).


Phosphate glasses, tellurite glasses, optical fiber amplifiers, optical fiber lasers


daniel.milanese@polito.it davide.janner@polito.it

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NATO “Caliber” project. The Interdepartmental Center PhotoNext, Politecnico di Torino.