Evanescent Wave Optical Fibre Sensors


Novel, low-cost, single-ended optical fibre sensors for the detection of corrosive media (i.e sea water, acids, etc.) diffusion through the thickness of polymers (including adhesives) and polymer composites have been designed, fabricated, embedded and tested [1].

Advantages of the new optical fibre sensor (OFS):

  • 10-fold reduction in cost (compared to the OFSs based on Bragg gratings).

  • It can be tailored with coatings to make it sensitive to specific chemicals.

  • Easy and scalable manufacturing.

  • Small form factor and probe-like shape can be embedded in different materials.

  • It can find application where polymers and polymer composites are used in hostile environments.

Contact: milena.salvo@polito.it

[1] Patent pending.