Projects related to: Biomaterials

Bioceramics for Healthcare

Anti-adhesive and-inflammatory coating for non-permanent implants or devices fibers

Antimicrobial layers

Bioactive and antibacterial titanium surfaces

Bioactive and-ferrimagnetic glass ceramics

Bioactive glass particles as filler for the development of composite electrospun fibers

Bioactive glasses and glass-ceramics with tailored composition

Bioceramics and glasses for ocular applications

Bioresorbable optical fibers for medicine and sensing

Glasses/glass-ceramics with antibacterial properties for biomedical applications

Multifunctional magnetic nanoparticles for health applications

PMMA-based composite bone cements

Porous scaffolds for biomedical applications

Protein adsorption on biomaterials: characterization and comparison among different implantable materials

Surface functionalization of biomaterials

Surface modification of titanium for soft tissue adhesion

Tissue engineering and investigation of tissue-biomaterial interactions